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House Slut – The First Morning

Porn! The distinct sound of people fucking and pretending to enjoy it could be heard through the door and presumably in that room Brandon was beating off to it. Really? Did she not make the terms of the arrangement clear? Did he consider his needs burdensome? Without another though Tegan rapped sharply on the door, which was quickly followed by the noise stopping and Brandon calling out “uh, just a second”. Tegan gave him to the count of five then put her hand on the door and invited herself into Brandon’s room. Since he hadn’t thrown the privacy bolt, he couldn’t have been too concerned about privacy, though it seemed he’d only just finished pulling his pants up and hadn’t bothered to close the full-screen sex video he’d been watching. “Tegan, what the hell?” he exclaimed as he alt-tabbed clumsily to another sex video, then gave up and minimised everything. “Hey, what the hell to you too.” “What are you doing in here?” “I thought you could use a hand.” “With what? What? No. I mean.” he looks exasperated “listen I don’t want to have sex right now”. “Hey, B, that’s ok we don’t have to do that. But I can help in other ways. Remember?” she licked her lips in what she hoped was a tantalising fashion. “I don’t want a blow job either, I just…” “What, B? Whatever you want I’ll do it. I mean, that’s what I’m here for. Literally, it’s my only purpose. It’s kind of a big deal to put myself on the line like that and then find you here looking at porn like not even a whole day later.” “I get that Tegan, but like… it’s still my business. When I do it, what I do, what I’m into. It’s private. When I want your help, I’ll tell you, until then, let me take care of my own business.” “Ok, sure, and I’m not saying quit the porn. Plus I know that as a young stud you got a loooot of oats you wanna sow. I’m just saying hit me up. I can make it better. You wanna go five, ten, times a day, I’m up for that. And I don’t judge, at all. Ok?” “I’ll think about it.” Brandon hesitated for a long time then stood and kicked off his pants, sending them into the corner of his room. Then in a moment of inspiration grabbed a pillow off his bed and dropped it on the carpet next to his computer chair before sitting back down. “Come here.” Tegan stepped over to him and sank gracefully to her knees, resting them upon the thoughtfully offered pillow and settling between Brandon’s knees, unsure what exactly he expected of her. There was a faint musk that indicated recent arousal but he was not presently in a ready state. At the moment he was transfixed on his computer and after a moment began playing a video, seemingly continuing the one from earlier. Immediately she could see him slowly swell. “Just use your hand for now, ok?” Wordlessly Tegan complied, reaching for him and taking him in her hands. Gently she used both hands to caress his length, massage it, stroking the skin lovingly until it was fully erect again, before closing the fingers of her right hand around the base of the shaft and commencing with slow strokes, her hand gliding over the skin. Brandon relaxed in his chair, not looking at her but at the video, which Tegan looked at also out of curiousity. She didn’t watch a lot of porn but this didn’t seem particularly remarkable or unusual. Common story, attractive young girl attends shady studio promising high end modelling work, finds out it’s for nude modelling so she takes her clothes off, then gets told it’s for porn but she has to do a free demo reel. Cue invasive and exploitative sex scene where uses her then tells her there’s no job. All staged, of course. Actual exploitation would be frowned upon from a legal standpoint, but they sold the fantasy. This girl in particular seemed extremely confused by the idea and the cameraman seemed to be losing his patience for her obliviousness until she finally relented and began to undress and perform for his camera. Brandon’s erection was nicely formed in her hand at this point and his breathing deepened as she took firm hold and began to jerk him in earnest, gripping the skin on his shaft and giving him strong strokes, trying to measure her speed an intensity to Brandon’s apparent interest level. She kept switching between watching his screen and watching his face to see if he was nearing his peak though for the most part his eyes seemed glazed over until abruptly he began seeking through the video with his mouse. The video was about 45 minutes long but presently Brandon knew what he’d want when he found it. Tegan watched as he skipped through scenes of the girl giving a blowjob, to her getting fucked on the agent’s desk first missionary then doggy then riding him. Then suddenly she was on her knees with a camera in her face as she feverishly sucked at the cock that had just been inside her for the last half an hour, and the commentary became more vulgar as the agent coaxed her to finish up. Tegan realised Brandon must be close and was hunting through the video for the so-called money shot, where the actress finishes the shoot and earns her pay – a term synonymous with being blasted in the face with spunk, and the way Brandon was twitching in her hand she figured her own money shot was on the way. She began tugging at his cock trying to match the intensity of the on-screen action. He hadn’t asked her to use her mouth so she didn’t. Then on screen the agent pulled from the model’s mouth and began furiously jerking himself off, grunting and groaning for the camera. Tegan felt Brandon stiffen in his chair and reinvigorated her efforts even though her arm was beginning to tire, knowing the end was certainly not far away now. In the video the agent let out one final grunt then liberally applied a coating of white goo to the model’s face, splattering across her nose and cheek and tightly clamped lips, her face scrunched up against the rain of semen in a clear display of distaste. Seconds later, the damn of Brandon burst forth in a similar fashion and the first steaming wad caught her across the cheek and jaw as her face was turned to watch the display on the screen. She turned her face back in time for the second, larger burst to squirt directly onto her parted lips, his creamy seed liberally coating her tongue and running down her chin. Brandon bucked his hips, letting out a moan of relief tinged with expectation that suggested he wasn’t quite done so Tegan kept jerking, a few more tugs was all it took to relieve him of his final burden, a third ejaculation which she attempted to gracefully accept across her other cheek only for it to arc too high and glue her eye shut. Tegan swallowed the small amount that had made it inside her mouth then kissed the tip of his wilting member. “Thank you for sharing this with me, B.” “No… uh, no problem… T.” Brandon said with a sigh. And with that Tegan rose to her feet and exited the room to see if the bathroom was free for her much needed cleanup. Outside in the hall the first thing Tegan noticed was that the shower was no longer running. At that moment the door opened and Sam emerged from the steam with a towel slung low around his waist. She froze, knowing there was nothing she could do to hide her current facial decoration, but know knowing how to manage this. How was Sam going to react to seeing Brandon’s spunk on her face? On top of that she was dimly aware that she’d not yet been able to do anything about the present Angus left inside her this morning either, though that one wasn’t immediately apparent. Sam stopped directly in front of her in the hall, assessing the damage to her face. Then without warning he put his hand on her chest and pushed her against the wall, using his other hand to untuck his towel and let it fall to the floor. He ran that hand up her thigh under her dress and, finding her without panties grabbed her thigh and lifted it, pushing his body against hers. She could feel him growing against her, his rod rising as he rubbed himself between her lips until eventually he used her free hand to guide her hardening shaft into her, her hole already slick despite going untouched during Angus’ brutal visit. He slid inside her easily then grabbed her other thigh, holding her aloft as he began to bang her against the wall. She put her hands on his shoulders and hung on for dear life as he pounded away at her hot box, her moaning urging him deeper and faster inside of her until, almost as quickly as it began, it was over. She could feel him twitching and spilling inside her, panting with the exertion of fucking while holding her up. He slid free of her as he released her thighs one at a time to led her feet return to the floor, permitting her to stand under her own power. “Mm. Now you’re properly used, girlfriend. I can’t believe I still have that pussy all to myself.” With that, he kicked his towel into the air and snatched it, slinging it over his shoulder and returning to his room to continue to get ready for work. Tegan felt unsteady. She hadn’t come, not even close, but his vigorous effort had certainly shaken her up and she was hyperaware of his cooling seed slowly oozing out of her. Did he know Angus had visited her already that morning or was he only joking around? Presumably he wasn’t just assuming that Angus had only knocked at her back door so far, so maybe he was simply that predictable a character, or they’d even compared notes. In any case, Sam appeared to have no issue with seeing her in a “used” state. In fact if she had to wager, she suspected he might be getting off on it and made a mental note to experiment with this. Angus clearly only wanted one thing at this point. Brandon… he was going to be slightly more of a puzzle. Well, it would give her something to think about while she was being railed by the experts, anyway. She shook herself out of her daze and continued into the bathroom, shedding her dress and stepping into the shower.